Doctor Who

I had heard about Doctor Who for years before I had the chance to see an episode. Here in Quebec City this British stuff is not available everywhere, and most people have never heard about our favorite Time Lord.

My first contact with the show was through an old issue of Doctor Who Magazine I found at my local comic shop. It looked interesting enough to make me look for more. I was fortunate to find a limited selection at a video store. My first purchase was Ghost Light, one of the last story of the 7th Doctor era. I liked it instantly. Since that first contact with Doctor Who, in the Spring of 1997, I have been adding new Doctor Who stuff to my shelves -- books, audios, VHS, and now DVD.

My discovery of the show brought me on the net but, even if I found useful information, I was unable to locate a suitable reference guide. So, I took the decision to to build one myself! Keep in mind it is a long term project. More and more materials will be added with time.

Doctor Who Reference Guide