The Third Doctor

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The Third Doctor was portrayed by actor Jon Pertwee.

The Third Doctor cut a dashing figure. A man of action with a passion for gadgets and thrilling forms of transport, he was exiled to Earth for much of his era, deprived of a functioning TARDIS and the knowledge of time travel by the Time Lords. But he had his work cut out defending our planet from Daleks, Daemons and his cunning, charismatic nemesis – the Master!

The Third Doctor came into existence as part of a punishment from his own race, the Time Lords, who forced him to regenerate and also disabled his TARDIS. Eventually, this restriction is lifted and the Third Doctor embarks on more traditional time travel and space exploration stories.

His initial companion is UNIT scientist Liz Shaw (Caroline John), who unceremoniously leaves the Doctor’s company between episodes to be replaced by the more wide-eyed Jo Grant (Katy Manning), who then continues to accompany the Doctor after he regains use of his TARDIS. His final companion was intrepid journalist Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), who would go on to become the Doctor’s longest-serving companion.