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Amelia Jessica ‘Amy’ Pond, portrayed by Karen Gillan, was a companion to the Doctor in his eleventh form. Much of Amy’s part in the story is about her relationship with Rory Williams.

Amy Pond, the young Scottish woman from the English village of Leadworth first met her ‘raggedy Doctor’ when she was a little girl and had to wait fourteen years before he finally returned and took her off in the TARDIS.

Amelia Pond is first seen in the first episode of the 2010 series, “The Eleventh Hour”. She is a seven year old girl living with only her aunt, Sharon. She asks the Doctor to look at a strange crack in her wall. He is interrupted by the TARDIS. The Doctor tells Amelia that he will be back in five minutes. He does not get back for twelve years. During this time, Amelia’s family and friends think The Doctor is her imaginary friend. She is treated by four psychiatrists because she keeps telling people that the “Raggedy Doctor” is real. She bites them when they tell her the Doctor is imaginary. When the Doctor returns, Amy is nineteen years old. She is working as a kissogram. Amy helps the Doctor save Earth from the Atraxi. Because of the unusual condition of the TARDIS, Amy does not see the Doctor again for two years. He asks her to travel with him. She says she will go with him, but only if he will bring her back by the next morning. She does not tell him that her wedding is the next day.

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