Daleks in Manhattan

Doctor Who | Season 3 | Daleks in Manhattan

The Doctor finds his oldest enemies at work on top of the Empire State Building when he and Martha travel to 1930s New York.

“Daleks in Manhattan” is the fourth episode of the third series of British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It was broadcast on BBC One on 21 April 2007 and is the fourth episode of Series 3 of the revived Doctor Who series. It is part one of a two-part story, concluded in “Evolution of the Daleks”. In New York City, 1930, in the midst of the Depression, people are disappearing from among the homeless and jobless masses. Pig-like creatures hide in the sewers, and at the bottom of the Empire State Building, some of the Doctor’s greatest and oldest enemies, the Daleks, are at work, preparing their most horrific plan yet.

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Originally Aired: 04-21-2007
Director: James Strong
Writers: Helen Raynor
Starring: David Tennant
Freema Agyeman
Miranda Raison
Ryan Carnes
Hugh Quarshie
Andrew Garfield
Eric Loren
Flik Swan
Alexis Caley
Earl Perkins