The Family of Blood

Doctor Who | Season 3 | The Family of Blood

It’s 1913, and war comes to England early as the terrifying Family hunt for the Doctor.

“The Family of Blood” is the ninth episode of the third series of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Preceded by “Human Nature”, it is the second episode of a two-part story written by Paul Cornell adapted from his Doctor Who novel Human Nature (1995), co-plotted with Kate Orman. The episode was first broadcast on BBC One on 2 June 2007.

It is 1913 in England, and war has come a year in advance as the terrifying Family hunts for the Doctor. When John Smith refuses to accept his destiny as a Time Lord, the women in his life—Martha Jones and Joan Redfern—have to help him decide.

In a Doctor Who Magazine interview, Executive Producer Russell T Davies characterised the “Human Nature”/”Family of Blood” two-parter as perhaps being too dark for the programme’s audience.

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Originally Aired: 06-02-2007
Director: Charlie Palmer
Writers: Paul Cornell
Paul Cornell
Starring: David Tennant
Freema Agyeman
Jessica Hynes
Rebekah Staton
Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Harry Lloyd
Tom Palmer
Gerard Horan
Lauren Wilson