Father’s Day

Doctor Who | Season 1 | Father’s Day

Rose witnesses the day her father died, but interfering leads to terrible consequences… and sinister creatures!

“Father’s Day” is the eighth episode of the first series of the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who, first broadcast on 14 May 2005 on BBC One. It was written by Paul Cornell and directed by Joe Ahearne.

In the episode, alien time traveller the Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) agrees to take his companion Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) back to the day her father Pete (Shaun Dingwall) died. When Rose intervenes and prevents her father from being killed, time is wounded and dangerous Reapers attack, threatening to erase history.

Lead writer and executive producer Russell T Davies conceived “Father’s Day” as an emotionally driven time travel story to explore Rose’s character. He chose Cornell to write the episode; Cornell had been a successful writer of spin-off material during the years the programme was on hiatus. The monster element of the story was expanded based on suggestions from Cornell and BBC Head of Drama Jane Tranter, and the Reapers went through many designs. The episode was filmed in November 2004 at St Paul’s Church and streets in Cardiff. “Father’s Day” was watched by 8.06 million viewers in the United Kingdom and received generally positive reviews. Critics praised the focus on character and emotion.

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Originally Aired: 05-14-2005
Director: Joe Ahearne
Writers: Paul Cornell
Starring: Christopher Eccleston
Billie Piper
Camille Coduri
Shaun Dingwall
Robert Barton
Julia Joyce
Christopher Llewellyn
Frank Rozelaar-Green
Natalie Jones
Eirlys Bellin