Genesis of the Daleks: Part 6

Doctor Who Classic | Season 12 | Genesis of the Daleks: Part 6

The Kaled elite move to prevent the development of the Daleks but is it already too late?

With Harry and Sarah’s help, the Doctor manages to free himself and throw the mutants back into the room. All he has to do is touch two wires together and the Daleks are destroyed. However, the Doctor hesitates; does he have the right to commit genocide? He tells Sarah that many future worlds became allies because of their fear of the Daleks. If he wipes the Daleks out, he becomes no better than they are.

Gharman approaches and tells them that Davros has agreed to the ultimatum, and the Doctor is grateful for not having to make the final decision. He disconnects the wires, and they go to the meeting. There, as Davros makes his case, the trio secretly pocket the Doctor’s belongings that were confiscated earlier, including the Time Ring. Gharman proposes an alternative: to let the Daleks continue, not as Davros’s genetically ruthless creatures, but with human strengths, weaknesses and emotions.

Meanwhile, the Daleks re-enter the bunker. Bettan’s rebels follow them in unseen, and set up explosive charges to collapse the bunker and entomb the Daleks forever. She cannot afford to delay, and Sevrin goes deeper into the bunker to try to warn the Doctor and the others.

As the vote takes place, Nyder casually walks off. Suspicious, the TARDIS crew follow him. They grapple with him, and unknowingly drop the Time Ring in the corridor. The Doctor forces Nyder to bring them to where the tape recording is kept. The Doctor destroys the recording with a Dalek gun, but Nyder gets away again, locking them in the room. With the Time Ring gone, they can only watch on the monitor as Gharman and his rebels continue their confrontation with Davros. Davros offers to destroy the Daleks through a large red destruct button in the room, but only after all those present vote on it. Once those who are against Davros and the Daleks have identified themselves, Davros order the Daleks to exterminate them.

Sevrin opens the door where the Doctor and companions were trapped, and warns them about the Thal explosives. The Doctor finds the Time Ring, and sends his friends with it to the main entrance, while he returns to the incubator room to finish what he started. The Doctor is unable to connect the wires there due to a Dalek firing at him, but when the Dalek glides forward, its metal body forms a circuit with the wires and the incubator room explodes.

Davros suddenly notices that the Dalek automated assembly line has started, although he gave no such order. One of the Daleks says it gave the order, and refuses when Davros tells it to shut the line down. The Daleks exterminate Nyder when he tries to do so, as well as the others who had supported Davros.

The Doctor runs towards the main entrance, a squad of Daleks in pursuit, just as Bettan is about to give the order to detonate the charges. He makes it through the doors as they go off, sealing the bunker. Inside, the Daleks tell Davros that their programming does not allow them to acknowledge any creature as their superior. The crippled scientist begs them to have pity, but that word is not in the Daleks’ vocabulary. Davros then screams and tells the Daleks that they must and will obey him. The Daleks tell him they obey no one. Davros decides to destroy the Daleks by activating the red button, but the Daleks see what he is doing, and they exterminate him. The lead Dalek proclaims that, despite their entombment, this is only the beginning. The Daleks will prepare and grow stronger and, when the time is right, they will emerge and become the supreme power in the universe.

The Doctor acknowledges that even with the incubator room gone, he has only managed to hold back the Daleks’ progress by a thousand years or so. The travelers say their good-byes to Bettan and the others, and prepare to use the Time Ring. Sarah asks the Doctor why he does not seem disappointed that he failed; as they are whisked away through time and space, the Doctor tells Sarah that although the Daleks will create havoc and destruction for millions of years, he knows that out of their evil must come something good.

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Originally Aired: 04-12-1975
Director: David Maloney
Writers: Terry Nation
Sydney Newman
Starring: Tom Baker
Elisabeth Sladen
Ian Marter
Michael Wisher
Peter Miles
Dennis Chinnery
Stephen Yardley
Harriet Philpin
Andrew Johns
John Gleeson