Invasion of the Dinosaurs: Part 3

Doctor Who Classic | Season 11 | Invasion of the Dinosaurs: Part 3

The Doctor captures a Tyrannosaurus Rex as Sarah falls into enemy hands.

The Doctor falls, dropping the gun which Yates picks up and fires at the tyrannosaurus. The tyrannosaurus is captured and brought back to a hangar.

Yates is angry at Butler and Whitaker. They want him to sabotage the Doctor’s equipment.

Sarah has been doing some research into time travel, and mentions Whitaker. The Brigadier remembers the name and the Doctor wants to check up on him.

He does this, endangering the Doctor when he encounters a tyrannosaurus rex, but the situation is saved and the creature is stunned and captured. Hours later, however, General Finch sets it free, evidently part of the conspiracy too.  Sarah Jane has set off to gather her own evidence. She meets with Sir Charles Grover, an ecologist MP who is acting Minister with Special Responsibilities in London. He drugs her. When she wakes up she is astounded to find herself on a vast spaceship.

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Originally Aired: 01-26-1974
Director: Paddy Russell
Writers: Malcolm Hulke
Starring: Jon Pertwee
Elisabeth Sladen
Nicholas Courtney
John Bennett
Noel Johnson
Peter Miles
Martin Jarvis
Richard Franklin
John Levene
Terence Wilton