The Mind Robber: Part 1

Doctor Who Classic | Season 6 | The Mind Robber: Part 1

To escape destruction, the Doctor removes the TARDIS from normal space and time.

The TARDIS arrives in a white void, when the TARDIS makes a emergency take-off to escape the volcanic eruption on Dulkis. Where the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe find themselves in the Land of Fiction, where fictional characters from the imagination come to life and The Master, the mysterious ruler of The Land of Fiction chooses the Doctor to take his place.

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Originally Aired: 09-14-1968
Director: David Maloney
Writers: Derrick Sherwin
Starring: Patrick Troughton
Frazer Hines
Wendy Padbury
Emrys Jones
John Atterbury
Ralph Carrigan
Bill Wiesener
Terry Wright