The Monster of Peladon: Part 3

Doctor Who Classic | Season 11 | The Monster of Peladon: Part 3

The Doctor attempts to expose the fraud of Aggedor’s ghost.

The Doctor calms Aggador with his Venusian lullaby as he did fifty years earlier. Queen Thalira orders the Doctor and Sarah be brought out of the pit, as they clearly have Aggedor’s approval, and finally tries to assert herself against her Chancellor over his actions. The Doctor convinces Thalira to send for Gebek, and leaves Sarah with the Queen. Sarah urges Thalira to stand up for herself more against Peladon’s male-dominated nobility: “There’s nothing ‘only’ about being a girl”, she tells her.

Gebek tries to convince the miners to strike rather than rebel. The Doctor is angry on learning that Alpha Centauri has called in Federation troops. Ortron appears and confines the Doctor to the Citadel. After he catches the Doctor in the corridors, he orders him placed in the dungeon.

Eckersley sets up the sonic lance in the tunnels. Sarah sneaks out and warns Eckersley that the rebels will try to capture it. Thalira can’t convince Ortron to release the Doctor, but orders him to let Sarah remain free; he agrees to since as a woman she’s harmless.

In the tunnels, the miners attack. Eckersley uses the sonic lance against them, but Gebek stops him. Sarah gives Gebek a message from the Doctor that the queen is willing to meet with him. Gebek lets Sarah and Eckersley go free, but without the sonic lance. Thalira and Ortron are alarmed to hear that Federation troops are on the way.

Sarah heads for the dungeon to find the Doctor, and Gebek sneaks into the citadel to meet with the Queen. They encounter each other and Gebek sends Sarah back, offering to release the Doctor himself. The Doctor and Gebek head for the refinery, where something suspicious is going on. Eckersley and Alpha Centauri see them on camera, and Sarah has to admit that they think the Aggador trick is operated from the refinery.

Ortron addresses the miners, trying to convince them to cooperate in order to show the Federation troops that all is well. As the miners return to work, the Aggador apparition appears, killing a miner. They head in the direction of the refinery. The Doctor gets the refinery door open, revealing an Ice Warrior!

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Originally Aired: 04-06-1974
Director: Lennie Mayne
Writers: Brian Hayles
Starring: Jon Pertwee
Elisabeth Sladen
Donald Gee
Nina Thomas
Frank Gatliff
Rex Robinson
Ralph Watson
Ysanne Churchman
Stuart Fell
Terry Walsh