Partners in Crime

Doctor Who | Season 4 | Partners in Crime

Donna and the Doctor reunite and must save the lives of millions threatened by a sinister alien… Allons-y!

“Partners in Crime” is the first episode of the fourth series of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The episode reintroduced comedienne Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, who had previously appeared in “The Runaway Bride”. Donna and the Doctor (David Tennant) meet while separately investigating Adipose Industries, a company that has created a revolutionary diet pill. Together, they attempt to stop the death of thousands of people in London after the head of the company, the alien Miss Foster (Sarah Lancashire), creates the Adipose, short white aliens made from human body fat.

The episode’s alien creatures, the Adipose, were created using the software MASSIVE, commonly used for crowd sequences in fantasy and science fiction films.

“Partners in Crime” features the return of three supporting characters: Jacqueline King reprises her role as Sylvia Noble from “The Runaway Bride”; Bernard Cribbins reprises his role as Wilfred Mott from “Voyage of the Damned”, to replace the character of Geoff Noble after actor Howard Attfield died; and Billie Piper briefly reprises her role as Rose Tyler for the first time since the second series’ finale “Doomsday”, in a scene that was not included in preview showings.

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Originally Aired: 04-05-2008
Director: James Strong
Writers: Russell T. Davies
Starring: David Tennant
Catherine Tate
Billie Piper
Sarah Lancashire
Bernard Cribbins
Jacqueline King
Verona Joseph
Jessica Gunning
Martin Ball
Rachid Sabitri