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Rose Tyler, portrayed by Billie Piper, was the Doctor’s first companion after Doctor Who returned to television in 2005.

Rose was introduced in the show as a new companion of the Doctor, in his Ninth and later Tenth bodies. A regular companion of the Doctor for all of series one and series two, Rose also returned in the show’s fourth series.

Trapped by Autons in the basement of Henrik’s department store, shop assistant Rose Tyler’s life is saved by a chance encounter with the Doctor. When her heroism leads to the defeat of the Nestene, he invites her to travel with him – taking her from Victorian Cardiff to the day the Earth died.

Although traveling with the Doctor was often dangerous, she told him she’d stay with him forever. Witnessing the Ninth Doctor’s regeneration only made that bond stronger. However, during the Battle of Canary Wharf they were separated – trapped on parallel worlds. Using a Dimension Cannon she attempted to make contact with the Doctor (and new companion Donna) several times, eventually encountering him as he was exterminated by a Dalek. Once healed and the Daleks defeated, he returned Rose to the parallel world with her family and the half-human version of himself, to live the rest of their lives together.

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