Victory of the Daleks

Doctor Who | Season 5 | Victory of the Daleks

Winston Churchill summons the Doctor to Blitz-torn London, but the Daleks are waiting.

In the episode, the Doctor (Matt Smith) and his companion Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) arrive in London during the Blitz, where Winston Churchill (Ian McNeice) has employed “Ironsides”, a scientific creation from Professor Bracewell (Bill Paterson) to be used as weapons in the war effort. However, the Doctor recognises the Ironsides as his arch-enemies the Daleks, who plan to destroy Earth by activating a device located inside Bracewell, an android.

Wishing to incorporate the popular Daleks into the series, showrunner Steven Moffat instructed Gatiss to write an episode about Churchill and the Daleks. The episode introduces a new “Paradigm” of Daleks, which were designed by Gatiss to be bigger and more colourful than the previous variant.

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Originally Aired: 04-17-2010
Director: Andrew Gunn
Writers: Mark Gatiss
Starring: Matt Smith
Karen Gillan
Ian McNeice
Bill Paterson
Nina De Cosimo
Tim Wallers
Nicholas Pegg
Barnaby Edwards
Nicholas Briggs
Susannah Fielding