Vincent and the Doctor

Doctor Who | Season 5 | Vincent and the Doctor

The Doctor and Amy Pond meet Vincent van Gogh… And an ancient, terrifying monster.

Intrigued by an ominous figure in one of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings, the Doctor (Matt Smith) and his companion Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) go back in time to meet Van Gogh (Tony Curran) and discover that Provence has been plagued by an invisible monster, known as the Krafayis, which only Van Gogh can see. The Doctor and Amy work with Van Gogh to defeat the Krafayis, but in their attempt to have Van Gogh realise his legacy through bringing him to the future they ultimately realise that not all of time can be rewritten and there are some evils which are out of the Doctor’s reach.

Curtis, inspired by the fact that Van Gogh never knew he would be famous, had the idea for an episode centred around him. He left the script open to criticism from the crew and made many revisions as a result. Curtis wanted to portray Van Gogh truthfully, rather than being cruel by writing jokes about his madness.

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Originally Aired: 06-05-2010
Director: Jonny Campbell
Writers: Richard Curtis
Starring: Matt Smith
Karen Gillan
Tony Curran
Nik Howden
Chrissie Cotterill
Sarah Counsell
Morgan Overton
Andrew Byrne
Bill Nighy