Special: Voyage of the Damned

Doctor Who | Season 4 | Voyage of the Damned

When disaster hits the Titanic, the Doctor uncovers a threat to the whole human race. Kylie Minogue guest stars.

The narrative continues from the final scenes of both “Last of the Time Lords” and the mini-episode “Time Crash”, when a luxury space liner called the Titanic, a pastiche of the historical ocean liner, breached the walls of the TARDIS. The ship’s captain, Hardaker (Geoffrey Palmer), sabotages the ship shortly after the Titanic’s collision with the TARDIS. The Doctor (David Tennant) works with a waitress named Astrid Peth (Kylie Minogue) to prevent an imminent collision with Earth.

The episode features the only performance in Doctor Who by the Australian singer and actress Kylie Minogue. Executive producer and writer Russell T. Davies described her casting as a “very exceptional case”, having written the part of Astrid specifically for Minogue. Critical opinion about the episode was divided; the writing and Minogue’s performance were both praised and criticised.

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Originally Aired: 12-25-2007
Director: James Strong
Writers: Russell T. Davies
Starring: David Tennant
Kylie Minogue
Geoffrey Palmer
Russell Tovey
George Costigan
Gray O'Brien
Andrew Havill
Bruce Lawrence
Debbie Chazen
Clive Rowe